Wishlist Wednesday

Wishlist Wednesday 5-12-2021

6 Items for your consideration

Huzzah! It’s Wednesday, which means I show you 6 games in Alpha, Beta, Unreleased, or Early Access (and maybe a surprise) that look promising enough to add to your wishlists on steam or where ever. I try to keep these to games I have experience with so I am going by hands-on experience and not hype.

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And now…Lets GO!

World Box God Simulator

World Box is one of the few God Games in this generation of gaming. It has a very long path of development starting out as a flash game in 2012 and then eventually becoming a mobile game in 2018. Currently, it is in Pre Early Access state with a time frame of 2 years of development as it wants to be the definitive sandbox god game.

Shape the land, populate it, add creatures and such, and watch the people grow, fight and survive. With features like empires, rebellions, disasters, and of course some UFOs.

An active community on Reddit and Discord with over 250,000 members. You can purchase the game from the Super World Box website and they will give you a steam key when it launches into early access. You can also try it out on Android or iOS where it has excellent reviews.

World Box Steam Page

A Token War

This is a neat lightish turn-based tactics game with a campaign and 2 different modes of play (difficulty levels).
The unique thing about it is it has deckbuilder qualities as you gain gold in a battle that you use to hire units, buy spells, buy buildings and repair your stronghold. You choose which units to bring into battle based on a limit set by the battle itself. You can sell units and such back when you outgrow them. The game plays out as a combination of chess meets a CCG. The soundtrack is also very calming and relaxing and I enjoyed it.

You can also use Steam’s remote connect feature to play one of your friend’s which adds a lot to the content level. I think there is a good amount of value here. The price is low and the content level is good.

A Token War Steam Page


Unique online, 2 player PVP, real-time, fast-paced, multi-character, and non-random card pack, card battler.
It’s got the heart of a CCG but it does not have gacha packs all cards are available based on the hero’s you select to battle with each game (choice of 3 with 9 in the game).

Collectables unlock through playing the game. Ranking and matchmaking systems, of course, play a friend and practice vs. computer with multiple difficulty levels. An interesting feature of not just spamming cards but waiting to merge different cards for higher power attacks. Kickstarter coming soon, a demo is available on the steam page.

Haste Steam Page

Rise Of The Slime

Side-scrolling roguelite deckbuilder with mutators, pets, multiple deck classes, familiars, and some interesting features such as a movement system where you can possibly get behind the enemy and do double damage from backstabbing them. (This is important to do when you can if you are playing melee). I have only played through the prologue and it left me wanting more. I am very interested to see this come out of early access on the 20th of May. The artwork is adorable, and I completely identified with Slushy the Slime.

Rise of Slime Steam Page

Dimension Reign

Am I playing a multi-hero roguelite deckbuilder or am I playing a JRPG? A job system replaces a skill system, and you use combos to create limit breaks in order to crush your enemies. Of course, it has your standard roguelite things like relics and unlockables, including distinct characters. The cards are based on equipment that you gain and equip through the run, and you can alter your loadout between battles. The synergies between characters, skills, jobs, and equipment are fairly deep. The artwork is excellent. The developers seem to update often.

Dimension Reign Steam Page

Ragtag Crew

There is a playtest available for this rougelite with a side view tactical combat system. Create your heroes and assign them skills and personalities that affect their ability and skills. During the travels, they will interact with each other based on the personalities these events can cause malus’s or bonuses. They also based the event system on skill checks. This creates a ton of replay value. Unlockable classes, personalities, and items. While this is an early playtest, the game loop is firmly in place and you can get a very good feel for what is going on. The system of interaction between the party members is a great addition to the roguelite.

Ragtag Crew On Steam


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