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Wishlist Wednesday 4-7-2021

Beta, Unreleased, and Early Access

Starting as a simple # on Twitter #indiewishlistwednesday became one of my favorite posts of the week. After going through several iterations and styles of tweeting from single tweets to tweetstorms, I really wanted to put some more info per game. So I moved it to the web! Wishlist Wednesday is your weekly dose of recommendations in the Strategy and Strategy adjacent space. Based on hands-on experience and not hype (unless otherwise noted), I run down some great games for you to keep your eye on.

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And now… On With this week’s picks!

Card Hog

Roguelite card crawler with pigs and zombies and princesses, oh my!

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I like to call Card Hog the best $4 you will ever spend on a game. There is so much packed into this game for such a small investment of money. The crazy part is that more keeps getting added. From new enemies, interactions, entire game modes, and new playable pigs it’s rather insane that this game keeps getting more and more love. I did a review on it last year and lots have been added since but check it out for the basics.

Banners Of Ruin

Multi-character positional dependent roguelike deckbuilder with some very cute anthropomorphic animals. The positional row and lane tactical combat combined with unique abilities for each character add a nice touch to what looks like a solid deckbuilder. The early access builds have received lots of updates so this is shaping up to be a very fun game.

Cardnarok: Raid with Gods

Multi-character positional dependent roguelite deckbuilder with some interesting features. Sone of the cards change based on what character is active and you can swap out characters to be the active one as you wish. There is also a board game aspect to it that is extremely unique. Currently, only has Egyptian and Greek Gods as playable but other races are also listed as coming soon or DLC. Certainly goes in some interesting directions.


I fell for this game when it was just in a demo format and now that there is an EA release it is so much better. I am very excited about this turn-based roguelike RPG, Lots of weapons, skills, abilities, and ways to customize your character. Tons of content being added and a good chunk currently in. IF you lie roguelikes, this is certainly one to keep your eyes on.

Across the Obelisk

Multi Character position-dependent roguelite deckbuilder with some interesting features. I love the event system which has “skill checks” for pass and failure. There is a co-op mode for those into that type of thing and it looks like a good deal of characters with their own cards and abilities are being added. It seems like this is going to bring some unique features to the deckbuilders.

Despot’s Game

Very tightly designed game. Roguelike meets synergy building auto battler. Your team is disposable it’s the weapons that count. Stack up different types of weapons to find the synergies that work the best to get through the maze and try to beat the other player’s best teams that have made it through. The basic game loop is in place and content is being added quickly. There is a demo/playtest available to check out.

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