Wishlist Wednesday

Wishlist Wednesday 3-17-2021

Unreleased, beta, and early access.

Hey, it’s another Wednesday, so that means it is time for Wishlist Wednesday: Where we give you recommendations on some games you should wishlist based on our hands-on experience with them.

You can check out the other Wishlist Wednesdays by clicking HERE and you can check out our Twitter where we joined in on #indiewishlistwednesday and eventually expanded to this.

And now… On With the show.


Not your average incremental. The folks at Gamex Games are trying to expand the genre with layers of trade and conquest on to the resource and civilization incremental gameplay. If you like your incremental gameplay with some depth, then this is one to wishlist.

Call Of Myth

There are not enough strategy games based on the Lovecraft Mythos. Call of Myth is a unique multi-lane card game based around the works of Lovecraft. Currently, in a very active development cycle, the game has features being added to it constantly. There is a demo available to check out now.

Fights In Tight Spaces

John Wick meets Slay The Spire. Ok, that’s not entirely true but this roguelite deckbuilder based on action sequences where positioning is the key to combat is certainly a visual treat. It’s early on its Early Access journey, but it’s certainly something if you are into roguelite deck builders to look into.

Valor & Victory

I can not give details on the beta. But it is on the list, so that has to say something?

Based on the 2006 board game of the same name that holds a 7.7 on board game geek. This certainly has the potential to be a great WW II Squad level game. It was love at first sight when I saw the announcement: it certainly is the looker. Currently in closed beta.

Shanghai Office Simulator

Roguelite deckbuilder based around surviving the corporate ladder, your corporate masters, and the Mind Demons. It sounds crazy, and it is… But if you’re looking for a unique roguelite, this might be one for you. There is a functional English translation that does the job.

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