• NewsWarhammer Skulls Showcase 2023

    Warhammer Skulls Showcase 2023

    here is one event every year, where we all pray to our lord and savior: the Emperor of Mankind. He who protects us from the warp and who brought us into the grim dark future of the 41st millennium, because it is the Warhammer Skulls Showcase.

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  • Game Guideswestern front guide - defence

    The Great War: Western Front Guide – Optimal Defence

    Having trouble keeping the opponent army away from your trenches? Perafilozof gives us more great tips on Western Front.

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  • Previewsthe strategy informer foundation preview

    Foundation Preview

    Foundation has changed a lot since its Early Access release in 2019, but by how much? Flash Trouserman gives us a preview of what Foundation is, and where it is at now.

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  • Game Guidesagainst the storm tips

    Against the Storm Tips

    Perafilozof has collected some valuable Against the Storm tips from players to help you beat the game.

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  • Game GuidesThe Great War: Western Front Guide

    The Great War: Western Front Guide

    Having trouble capturing enemy trench networks and points on the battle map? Let me guide you through the whole process of planning and executing a successful offensive in The Great War: Western Front. I will explain to you how to play this WW1 RTS, where and how to attack the…

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  • ArticlesIndustries of Titan - was it worth the wait?

    Industries of Titan – was it worth the wait?

    Early access games are controversial with many gamers. On one side of the argument, there are gamers (including myself) that by and large accept early access games as a fact of gaming life at this point. It’s a way to be on the early hype train for games while financially…

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  • Early AccessSumerians Preview

    Sumerians Preview

    Blood for the Blood God, Skulls for the Skull Throne! These are the demands of Mesannepada, king of Ur. Hold it! I’ve just been informed those are demands from a completely different universe

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  • Reviewsterminal conflict featured image

    Nord and Hazzie Terminal Conflict Review

    Wargames evoke images of times long past. While the opportunity to relive these periods is fantastic, some are at a point approaching oversaturation. Comparatively, times in the more recent past remain less well explored, such as The Cold War era. A setting becomes more than an interaction when relatable events…

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  • Game GuidesTop 12 Starter Tips For Against The Storm

    Top 12 Starter Tips For Against The Storm

    Come along with our contributing writer and TSI team member Peter AKA Perafilozof while he gives you 12 tips to get you started in Against the Storm. Against the storm is a fantastic city builder that the whole team here gives a thumbs up to!

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  • Quick LookTotal Tank Generals Preview

    Total Tank Generals Preview

    We take a look at the Steam Next Fest demo of Total Tank Generals. A panzer general-style game with some new twists. Matty puts the demo through its paces and gives his opinion on if the new additions to the formula set it aside from the other well-established clones.

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