• 112 Operator Review

    112 Operator Review

    First Impressions Having played and reviewed 911 Operator recently, knowing I owned 112 Operator as well, I figured I may as well play it too. As far as I’m aware, it’s essentially the game, but having looked at the store page and some reviews, it’s made some improvements on the…

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  • terminal conflict featured image

    Nord and Hazzie Terminal Conflict Review

    Wargames evoke images of times long past. While the opportunity to relive these periods is fantastic, some are at a point approaching oversaturation. Comparatively, times in the more recent past remain less well explored, such as The Cold War era. A setting becomes more than an interaction when relatable events…

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  • shadow government simulator

    The Shadow Government Simulator

    There is an old saying, “It’s not always what you know but who you know”. In many cases, this is true, and dare I say more so when it comes to ascending to positions of power. I’m not here, of course, to debate how we get the leaders we do,…

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  • Sim Casino Review

    Sim Casino Review

    “Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine.” This, of course, is one of the most iconic quotes in cinematic history - Rick Blaine’s reaction to IIsa Lund’s entry into his Casablanca Gin joint and gambling den.

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  • Mug Club Curious Explidition 2 Review

    Mug Club Curious Explidition 2 Review

    Every new game is a story unexplored by the player, but not every game can hold my attention with unexpected absurdities and hilarious stories. Maschinen-Mensch’s Curious Expedition 2 is a turn-based procedurally generated exploration game with a story, unlike the first Curious Expedition. CE2’s graphics are a gorgeous [Tintin] comic…

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  • Shards Of Infinity Review

    Shards Of Infinity Review

    Very good boardgame port that takes its cues from the beloved Dominion style of deck builders with a community pool of cards but using the Ascension formula for how this is implemented creates a very take that style of gameplay. Fast-paced and easy to pick up. 

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  • Space Raiders In Space Review

    Space Raiders In Space Review

    This wave-based tower defense roguelite is the first released product from developers "2 Stupid Devs". When I was asked to describe the game the first thing that came to mind was Starship Troopers done in a comic book art style created by Terrance and Philip.

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  • Tsuro Review

    Tsuro Review

    It's not the biggest of brain burners and that's a good thing. It's a great relaxing and dare I say a zen filled experience. Easy to learn, easy to teach anyone can get the hang of the game in about 2 minutes. But it stays fresh as it's a quick…

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  • Ring Of Pain Review

    Ring Of Pain Review

    I have been involved in the beta of Ring of Pain, and this project has excited me since day one. I am drawn to card games and roguelites in the first place, but the artwork absolutely blew me away and sucked me in. Not gonna lie… Owl is twisted Developer: Simon…

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  • Card Hog Review

    Card Hog Review

    While Card Hog is in Early Access it’s very playable with lots of features. I usually do not give a full review for Early Access games but this is already fully featured and SnoutUp keeps on adding more. I will edit the review as needed when new major features are…

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