• ReviewsMug Club Curious Explidition 2 Review

    Mug Club Curious Explidition 2 Review

    Every new game is a story unexplored by the player, but not every game can hold my attention with unexpected absurdities and hilarious stories. Maschinen-Mensch’s Curious Expedition 2 is a turn-based procedurally generated exploration game with a story, unlike the first Curious Expedition. CE2’s graphics are a gorgeous [Tintin] comic…

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  • Early AccessThe Fermi Paradox - Preview

    The Fermi Paradox – Preview

    The Theory  It is generally thought that a simple question, during a 1950 lunchtime conversation about UFO sightings, went on to spark a debate that is still going on today. The Man at the centre of this conversation was Italian-American physicist Enrico Fermi. This question can be best summed up…

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  • NewsSteam Summer Sale Picks

    Steam Summer Sale Picks

    We look at some of the best picks to be had in the Steam Summer sale giving both some must-have options in each Genre and additional choices for your gaming pleasure.

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