Wishlist Wednesday

Wishlist Wednesday 2-24-21

Unreleased and coming in hot

I have decided to spin the Twitter #indiewishlistwednesday post off into an actual article with additional information on the suggestions. This allows me to get into a bit more detail about the game explaining exactly why you should wishlist it.

In general, we will be focusing on unreleased, or early access games that are in the strategy and strategy adjacent gaming space that we cover. So let’s get to it!


I got to play this both in the demo festival and the beta version as it gets ready for launch. This is a multi-genre-spanning game. Turn Based, 4X, Strategy optimization, score chase game that plays in about an hour.

There maybe beta access available for those that can put in some time to test it out and give feedback.

Luck Be A Landlord

I got to play this during the steam demo festival In early access so available now.
What if your roguelite deckbuilder was using a slot machine. I know it sounds weird but from a design perspective, the randomization and such is really not that far away from being able to play tons of cards at once.
It even uses loot as something similar to artifacts.

There are already lots of unique interactions and builds and more being added. I did not get to see any metagame between runs and I would love to see a system like that in place.

DLC – Imperiums: Age of Alexander For Imperiums: Greek War

Imperiums: Greek War is an excellent it was even given the runner-up for eXplorminate’s game of the year for 2020. I was not sure if I wanted to add DLC to this list but I really feel this is worth it. If you don’t own the base game I highly suggest it and the DLC looks to be a great enhancement.

This DLC for the excellent 4X adds Alexander Wishlist now for launch discount!

Valor & Victory

While I have no experience with the game other than the discussion with the developer as the game was announced by the look of this it is exactly what I would like to see in a squad-level digital boardgame.

It really gave me flashbacks to my childhood of playing Squad Leader (not ASL) and those were some excellent memories. Slitherine is hitting it out of the park lately.

Across The Obelisk

The roguelike deckbuilder that may be flying under the radar. This was also one I played for the Steam demo festival and I really enjoyed the original things it brings to the table. It even has a co-op mode where up to 3 other players can play with you. The enhanced and dynamic even system really could be by surprise and is a great feature. Well worth a look as the demo is still available.


I am not going to lie. I am a big Alexis Kennedy fan from his work with Failbetter Games on Fallen London and Sunless Sea. He is also behind his original game Cultist Simulator which is such a good narrative card-driven game with very unique systems. So based on that I am very excited to see what comes of this.


Against The Storm

Real-time colony builder with some roguelite features. Taking a cue from Frost Punk you are working in a world that has everlasting rain so you have to manage this disaster as well as your colony growth. Multiple races and their abilities and interactions add to the uniqueness of this builder.

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