Taking A Look At A Gangster Themed 4x Turn-Based Strategy Game – All In The Game

When most people hear the genre “4x” they would probably think grand strategy games along the lines of Civilization or Stellaris. But that’s not necessarily the case. The 4x genre can also feature all kinds of themes both smaller and bigger in scale than the aforementioned video games. The gangster themed 4x turn-based strategy game, All In The Game is one such example of a smaller scale 4x strategy.

The first game developed by Strangelet Games, All In The Game is a 4x turn-based strategy management game about organized crime designed with quick and fast paced multiplayer gameplay in mind. The game has been in development for over 5 years and is looking to launch on the later part of June.

Most 4x strategy games has you conquer massive chunks of land. In All In The Game that is replaced with a tileset of a city filled with apartments, bars, warehouses and the like. The game is inherently a multiplayer game so a campaign or a story mode doesn’t exist. Meaning you’ll always be going against others in either a multiplayer lobby or solo against AI opponents. In order to win a game you either have to grow your territory to a specific size or earn a specific number of clean money.

Speaking of clean money, the game has two types of currency, Clean Money and Dirty Money. Clean Money is often used for maintaining legitimate businesses and progressing towards the win condition. The Dirty Money on the other hand is used for furthering any criminal activity.

All In The Game lets you tackle every match in a variety of different ways or playstyles. Play as a complete anarchist sowing chaos everywhere, a businessman that prioritizes profit over conflict, or stealthy burglars that steal important items to further their activities. With how much the game lets you play around with its different systems, it’s quite easy to get lost and forget what your organization is supposed to be doing. Thankfully, players can hone their playstyles by playing against very forgiving AI opponents (depending on the difficulty).

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What I’ve discussed in this article is only scratching the surface of the different ways that All In The Game lets you play. That’s why I’m suggesting for anyone who is even remotely interested in the idea of a gangster 4x strategy game to try this game out. All In The Game is expected to release this year around June 25th, but you can try the game out now through a free demo on Steam.

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