Wishlist Wednesday

Wishlist Wednesday 3-31-2021

Unreleased, Beta, and Early Access.

On Wednesdays, we wear pink. Oh, and we also write about some strategy and strategy adjacent games that you should add to your wishlist. Based on hands-on experience, not hype (Unless I specify otherwise). I curate some great games that look extremely promising to wishlist and follow.

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And now… On With the show.


There is no way you can not make a comparison to Carcassonne here and there is nothing wrong with that. This tile placement single-player score chase is an example of a tight game design. No workers to place but scoring is done via “quests” to place a certain amount of similar tiles next to other tiles. In early access, it is a fairly complete experience but they are adding more content such as tiles and biomes, and QOL features. I would love to see more unlockables and achievements.

Jupiter Moons: Mecha

Do you like your roguelite deckbuilders with mech combat and an item inventory similar to how a Battletech load-out looks. Then this game is for you. The style is great, and the idea is certainly unique in the crowded field of deckbuilders. While I only got to play the basic gameplay loop (Fight, Loot, Equip) I was very excited to see where this is going. With a good amount of content, this one will shine.

The Amazing American Circus

Yes, The Roguelite Informer is at it again. This is such a unique theme that I would never have expected for a roguelite deckbuilder. Multi-character circus performers are set up in each location to perform for a crowd filled with rude spectators who you must entertain and pacify. Upgrade’s, Unlocks, Skills, Training are all featured in this very originally styled roguelite.

Wishlist The Amazing American Circus On Steam

Terra Randoma

Fluid turn-based roguelike with heavily procedurally generated content. Choose your character type and go forth on an adventure to kill the big bad but you know how it goes you have to get powerful enough to think about killing the world eater. Some great stuff comes out of the proc gen that has amused me to no end. I do indeed suck at this game, but if you like your rogues like and not lite this is one, you certainly want on your wishlist.


ARCANIUM: Rise of Akhan

Multi-hero multi-lane roguelite deckbuilder with some unique twists around it. The combat is very fluid to optimize the damage done and minimize the damage taken you are moving often to other lanes. The enemies keep respawning after being killed until you either kill a certain amount of them or kill the boss. So timing becomes important. They plan tons of heroes which bring their own cards and equipment into the mix. It is content light at the moment but they set the foundations for a great game.

Legend of Keepers: Career of a Dungeon Master

For even more about this game, I have written a full preview of Legend Of Keepers in its Early Access release.
In just a few words, though, you play a Keeper, the manager of a dungeon, you hire monsters, set traps, and upgrade everything to defeat the heroes coming in to steal your treasure. Steam Workshop support is a nice inclusion for new heroes to face and troops to use.

You don’t have to take my word for it. There is a prologue/demo that you can check out.

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