• Sumerians Preview

    Sumerians Preview

    Blood for the Blood God, Skulls for the Skull Throne! These are the demands of Mesannepada, king of Ur. Hold it! I’ve just been informed those are demands from a completely different universe

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  • Kainga: Seeds of Civilization - Showcase

    Kainga: Seeds of Civilization – Showcase

    In June, 2021, Erik Rempen completed a major milestone. He had secured the backing of 994 people, including myself, to raise over $23,000 in a highly successful Kickstarter campaign. At the beginning of November 2021, Kainga: Seeds of Civilization, was launched on Steam in Early Access. What is Kainga: Seeds…

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  • Total Tank Generals Preview

    Total Tank Generals Preview

    We take a look at the Steam Next Fest demo of Total Tank Generals. A panzer general-style game with some new twists. Matty puts the demo through its paces and gives his opinion on if the new additions to the formula set it aside from the other well-established clones.

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  • The Fermi Paradox - Preview

    The Fermi Paradox – Preview

    The Theory  It is generally thought that a simple question, during a 1950 lunchtime conversation about UFO sightings, went on to spark a debate that is still going on today. The Man at the centre of this conversation was Italian-American physicist Enrico Fermi. This question can be best summed up…

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  • Luck be a Landlord Quick Look

    Luck be a Landlord Quick Look

    Deck builders are all the rage these days. Finding ones that break the mold is always a challenge and trust me I look at a good deal of them. This one tosses the mold out completely.

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  • Legend Of Keepers Preview

    Legend Of Keepers Preview

    It's a roguelite, it has features of a reverse dungeon crawler it has management elements it's 3 genre's in one! Guard your treasure from pesky heroes.

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  • Epic Tavern Preview

    Epic Tavern Preview

    Sitting somewhere in the middle of the intersection of management, narrative, and RPG games is Epic Tavern.

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