Wishlist Wednesday

Wishlist Wednesday 3-3-2021

Unreleased, beta, and early access

Welcome to another Wishlist Wednesday! Today we are going to be looking at a few games that I have had hands-on experience with that you should check out. Take a look at our other wishlist Wednesday articles for even more stuff to put on your wishlist. All of the games on this list are recommended due to hands-on experience.

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Let’s get to it!

Hadean Tactics

Been involved with Hadean for a while in beta working up to early access.
This roguelite, deckbuilder, auto battler takes a unique spin on the Slay The Spire type formula. You have troops you recruit that you also upgrade to fight alongside you in the auto battler combat phase that you influence with card play. It is very unique. The developers have a good roadmap and updates are frequent. Very open to community feedback on discord.

The Shadow Government Simulator

Turn-based influence push with the theming of modern-day secret societies. Use your influence to capture nodes that you can then turn and use to destroy the other societies. The game has received some major changes including a goal-based AI that will push back against you in an attempt to capture units and thus influence. Lots of work being done on the game. Very unique strategy, turn-based, and puzzle aspects.

Rise Of Humanity

Hex-based battle roguelite deckbuilder with heavy theming. Has a story mode where you gain cards and such to level up and then a daily challenge mode. which has daily and monthly leaderboards. Both modes have you playing multiple heroes. Don’t take my word for it though… Go to the discord and get a key for the open alpha! 


I really enjoyed what I have seen of ORX. Part tower defense part tile placement. It’s impossible not to give some comparison to There Are Billions meets Carcassonne with some card game thrown in for good measure. You play your cards to expand and build your economy so that you can fight off the never-ending waves or ORX

You can take a look at it as well as there is a demo available on Steam.

Festival Tycoon

This unique take on the Tycoon genre has you handling the aspects of building a music festival.
The game loop is essentially to build the festival out with its facilities, hire and schedule the bands, bring on sponsors, and satisfy their and the band’s needs. Then the festival mode where the festival itself plays. There is a super cute art style to this and each band even has its own unique music.

Been testing this one out for a bit I look forward to additions to the alpha and some hooks are already in place for lots of great additions like security.

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