Wishlist Wednesday 4-14-2021

Unreleased, Beta, and Early Access

Woot! It’s Wednesday which means I show you 6 games in Alpha, Beta, Unreleased, or Early Access that look promising enough to add to your wishlists on steam or where ever. I try to keep these to games I have experience with so I am going by hands-on experience and not hype.

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And now… On With the show.

Fuzz Force Spook Squad

This rougelite deckbuilder with dice has been in development for a bit and seems to be coming along well in early access. Multi-Character runs with the ability to do distinct builds while adventuring through 3 areas and distinct events. I am interested to see what the meta progression becomes. The developer is very open to community feedback which is always great to see.

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Iron Conflict

With a model similar to the Free To Play games like War Thunder and World Of Tanks, this 10v10 RTS produces some absolutely insane skirmishes. As you play, you buy upgrades and research units. Currently, only 2 countries (US and China) but more being added. Units range from post ww2 to modern. You control 3 units per game so combined arms are always a benefit. I liked where this was going in Alpha and it seems to be moving along well in early access.

Imagine Earth

In early access since 2014, I have no idea why this game is not released yet. It is feature-rich and very polished. It is a real-time colony planet builder played out over triangle grids. You are concerned with building up the planet but also taking into effect environmental impact to the usual mix of research, population and happiness, and building upgrades. Diplomacy and trading and even some tower defense has been thrown in for good measure. It was one to watch 7 years ago and is still one to have on the wishlist. Demo available to check out as well!

Goblin Stone

Goblins have never been so cute. Adventure with and manage your goblins and the warren (in an ant farm x-com style system). Took a gander at the demo and I was very interested in this crawler with turn-based combat. The artwork is very nice and there are some interesting features like being able to breed and alter the genetics of your gobo’s (Not implemented yet). I have never played another game where you get to use a leg of ham as a weapon. The demo is available to check for yourself.

Lethal Running

Normally I do not like non-turn-based roguelikes but this one is slow enough that I was able to get into it. Obviously inspired by The Running Man this dystopian game show puts you attempting to battle it out with the bounty hunters attempting to kill you. Craft, Explore, Fight and survive. Has some interesting features and mechanics it’s deeper than it first looks. Procedural generated to keep things fresh run after run. The early access build is good but I am looking forward to seeing this dark permadeath gameshow roguelike and what it will offer.

For The Warp

You got your FTL in my roguelite deckbuilder. The ship system reminds me of FTL with how you unlock different ships which are essentially your character classes. This fun take on the deckbuilder has been good in early access and now starting to get some great content added to it to flesh it out. Full release planned for the summer so I imagine at this time it is a big content push.

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