Five Strategy Games With Mechs

Since Armored Core 6 is out and is doing pretty well with 150,000 players on Steam, we thought we should dip our strategy sausage into that good old SEO pie and write about five strategy games that center around mechs that you should play if you liked Armored Core 6. And if you didn't, then you should still play them anyways because they are great!

Phantom Brigade

Phantom Brigade is such a unique and different beast that it just needs much more love than its getting. The premise is, you’re in charge of an elite squad that fights the invaders of your country. The most interesting part of the game is the combat/strategy system. You’ll plan your moves ahead while also seeing what your enemies will do and how they’ll move on the battlefield. Once planned, you’ll execute your command then a battle between your troops and the enemies ensues. For a better overview you can check out our YouTube video below.


Mechabellum is an interesting beast that has quite a unique take on the mech genre with its unique PVP strategy gameplay. You’ll compose an army of mechs and send them into the battlefield. The game is an auto battler, meaning the battles happen automatically. The strategy comes in with the unit composition, leveling up your troops, ability customization, and strategic placement on the battlefield. It’s quite competitive and for an early access title it is massively well done (so far). I highly recommend it!


This is an older one but has earned the right to be on this list. Released all the way back in 2018, then added quite a few DLCs (because it’s published by Paradox and we all know how much Paradox loves their DLCs), this game is the most complete and faithful adaption of the Battletech miniature game to date. It is a bit clunky and slow but once you get into the groove of things you won’t be able to let this game go. It even offers a pretty damn good narrative to boot, courtesy of the developers of Harebrained Schemes who also made the fantastic Shadowrun: Hong Kong.

SD Gundam G Generations Cross Rays

The title is a mouthful of 12-inches but this game is an absolute love letter to the entire Gundam franchise and arguably the best game you can buy with your money that is a licensed Gundam product. The story is all kinds of anime-silliness, but that happens when you try to combine the myriad of stories and universes that exist within Gundam. Fans will have the time of their life, non-fans will probably not understand everything it throws at them, except the stellar gameplay. It’s a mixture of turn-based-tactics and JRPG and has some nice twists to the formula. Especially the presentation of battles and attacks are flashy, unparalleled by contemporaries.

Into The Breach

From the studio that brought the crack-cocaine in videogame form, FTL, comes Into The Breach. This one is quite old too but it also has the same addicting rogue-like nature that made FTL a household name. You command mechs on the battlefield that fight giant monsters in fast turn-based (I know, it’s an oxymoron) battles that grip you and never let you go. You’ll realize how addicting this game is once you check the clock and not realize how much time flew by. Also the soundtrack is absolutely stellar.

Bonus Entry: Mech Armada

Mech Armada is also a rogue-lite where you fight giant monsters with mechs. The premise is simple: you advance your mechs against waves of kaiju while the arena behind you gradually gets smaller, so you are forced to play aggressive to keep moving forward. The energy field that builds up behind you can also be used to destroy monsters. After each round you get new resources and buy new mech parts or upgrades. Building mechs is extremely customizable and is only limited by the spawn points they take. Really good stuff too! Check it out!

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