5 Demo’s You Should Check Out

Fast Five Issue 1

Fast Five is a new article feature thing that I am doing. Taking inspiration from Follow Friday on Twitter, today I decided to do a little amplification of things I find that are interesting and worthy of your attention.

There is no denying that demos have become a larger factor for game purchase and interest decisions. This is good for both the consumer and the developer. But there are a lot of demos available in the extended strategy and strategy adjacent genres. So here without further rambling are 5 demos that deserve your time and interest to check out.

1 — Until the Last Plane


Steam Page

Strategy, Management, WW2, Pixel Art

Airfield management including planes, pilots, research, repairs, upgrades, and of course missions. A unique experience is what I found when playing the game and the simplicity but depth of the systems was very satisfying. The demo is a pre-release version and they are adding things at a rapid pace gearing up for a 2021 launch.

2— The Last Spell (Prologue)


Steam Page

Turn-Based Tactics, RPG, Roguelite, and Building Elements.

This is a 5-day taste of the game. Essentially you are trying to stop the hoard of undead from stopping the casting of a spell to bring an end to the apocalypse. During the day you upgrade, train, build, and heal and at night you try to survive the hoards of undead.

Pre-release demo with a projected 2021 date for the actual release.

3 — Hell Architect Prologue


Steam Page

Colony Builder, Strategy, Base Building, Management

It’s easy to compare Hell Architect with Oxygen Not Included and that’s not a bad thing as ONI was an excellent game. Hell Architect is not just a clone but offers unique features to go along with the building and management of your perfect hell. The prologue is out now which gives you an early taste and the game is slated for a 2021 release.

4 — Black Book: Prologue


Steam Page

RPG, Deckbuilder, Card Battler, Adventure, Story Based.

A Very unique background of Slavic myth and lore. The graphics, sound, and gameplay drive home a tale of witchery. Combat is card-based with deckbuilding elements. Point and click movement and an engaging story. It certainly piqued my interest and I would like to see where this goes.

5 — Clearings


Dice Battler, Roguelite


An interesting roguelite where you use different types of dice to resolve the battles, by using your dice in the most optimal ways. You gather new dice and stronger dice by clearing areas. Alpha with no release date announced

To get the game go to the Clearings Discord and check out the Alpha channels.

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