Epic Game Store Mega Sale Picks

Some interesting things are happening in the Epic Game Store. Not only is there a big sale happening but they are doing the $10 coupons again. So as long as the item is over $14.99 and is not DLC then the coupon will apply and create some CRAZY pricing to go some great games for the cheap.

I have gone through all the strategy and strategy-related games (some surprises in the list) on the Epic Game Store and looked for some of these deals that fall into what I consider a sweet sales price and selected 15 of them to suggest to you. All of them I can recommend, especially with some of these price points.

In the past, the coupon will keep refreshing after each purchase but I have not tested this. The sale ends on the 17th of June and the coupon goes away as well.

Prices are USD, and taxes are included but may be different based on your location. The coupon is only shown on the checkout screen so don’t worry when you don’t see it on the discount page.

Early Access

The Hand Of Merlin – $10.91 with 20% and $10 coupon.

It says on the box: “The Hand of Merlin is a turn-based rogue-lite RPG in which Arthurian legend meets with sci-fi horror.” You had me at Arthurian Legend and Sci-Fi Horror. I mean seriously WHAT. That sounds amazing. Forget a Connecticut rabbit in King Arthur’s Court. Give me epic eldritch horror! While very early in Early Access, the price point and what is already there show a lot of potentials that give it a place on this list.

Democracy 4 – $11.08 with 25% and $10 coupon.

Positech Games always deliver great ideas. Democracy 4 is certainly no exception. One of the best politically themed games out there. While it has a steep learning curve, I think that is the nature of the beast. Excellent reviews and a good amount of content with more being added through Early Access.

Hammerting – $9.47 with 25% and $10 coupon.

Dwarven side view base builder gives me Oxygen Not Included meets Craft The World vibes. I really like this game a good deal. Sure it needs content and features but the roadmap looks great and this is early access after all. The price point is great and most likely will not see the level of discount till much later after release.

Surviving The Aftermath – $9.47 with 25% and $10 coupon.

The decision to cook this game for longer in Early Access I think was a great decision. The game is excellent as a base/colony builder and I really like the feel of the game better than Surviving Mars, not that I did not like Surviving Mars but it felt sterile (clean definition) if that makes any sense. For under $10, this is certainly a great deal. If they stopped production on the game and never updated it would still be a good deal. The modding for this will be great, with people like Silva most likely getting involved.



Siege Survival Gloria Victis – $10.81 with 20% and the $10 coupon.

The subject matter looks great, and the reviews have been good so far. People say it has a touch of “This War Of Mine” in it and that is a great game. I have yet to dive into it but based on the reviews under $11 is certainly worth just going in and getting this.

Chicken Police Paint It Red! – $6.48 with 20% and the $10 coupon.

Possibly the most off-brand game on this list, but this anthropomorphic detective game that has gotten major accolades could not be excluded because of the price. The police chief is a capybara and frankly, that’s enough to get my $6.50 let alone the fact that this is a fantastic detective game.

Legend Of Keepers – $7.51 with 15% and the $10 coupon.

You don’t have to take my word for it. You can read my preview of it here. It is worth it at full price but at $7.50 this is definitely something that you will get value out of. Check out the preview it covers all the basics about the game. I need to do a follow-up for a full review but between you and me it would be about an 8.2.

Star Renegades – $8.10 with 30% and the $10 coupon.

Roguelite Strategy RPG with excellent reviews across the board. The preview game by Massive Damage is the amazing Halcyon 6 Starbase Commander, which I felt was a real hidden gem. This follow-up tile is a worthy second release and seems to be getting lots of traction in the Roguelite RPG area of gaming.

Iron Harvest – $16.23 with 50% off and the $10 coupon.

I am no longer a big RTS game player. But if I was, I would most likely have bought this when it was released. I love the Scyth universe and seeing a solid RTS made from the source material excited me. The price though at this sale. Holy cow… It was a solid deal for RTS players at $50 but under $17 is insane. It locks you into getting the DLC on Epic but I still think the value here is Umm EPIC…

As Far as The Eye – $8.10 with 30% and the $10 coupon.

A peaceful, hard, roguelite, base builder another solid game from Goblinz Studios (Legend on the Keepers on this list as well!). The price point is silly good. The unique concept of working the land to get resources to help you move further gain tech and survive the flood.

Hades – $10.81 with 20% and the $10 coupon.

Do we really need to explain Supergiants super hit, several games of the year awards! 97% positive, on steam so many 9 and 10 scores. This action roguelite is just amazing and if you have waited, you can get it for $10 holy cow that’s over 50% off! If you do action roguelites and don’t have it, get it.

Merchant Of The Skies – $5.40 with the $10 coupon.

I have been playing merchant-style trading games since the opium trading days on the apple 2e with Taipan. I was tracking this for quite a while and while at the fill price I decided against getting it as it was peaceful but at this price this very positively reviewed game is back on my radar and a major suggestion to get.

Rogue State Revolution – $5.40 with the $10 coupon.

The Rogue State series is a lighter political game series, but what it makes up for in-depth it has in spades with charm. Rogue State Revolution goes deeper than the previous games and it quite a fun game. The price point here even without a discount is under 50% off because of that sweet, sweet coupon.

Before We Leave – $10.81 with the $10 coupon.

I grabbed Before We leave During one of the winter coupon sales for $10 when it was still an epic exclusive. I enjoyed it back then and I am recommending it now. We have some content hitting the site for it this week if you really want to wait. But’s recommended!


These prices are epic (no pun intended).

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