Check out the GDR podcast I joined.

Josh Bycer the guy behind Game Wisdom, the podcasts, and the website has invited me onto the Game Development roundtable, which includes some folks like Tomo Moriwaki, the lead of Hyperkinetic Studios and the man behind Epic Tavern and many other projects. Also included are Ramin Shokrizade, a master of game economies and blockchain, now working on a Social MMO, Collectible, Play to earn, with a 100% player-created NFT and with a robust and speed blockchain trade system called Star Garden, and Sharky Shark the lead at Nexus Games who is developing the CCG Neon Continuum.

Also, a cast of other game design hotshots and experts in the industry join in on other episodes.

In this episode, we talk about what is long tail game design, a term usually reserved for marketing but very prevalent in the MMO and Mobile/Gacha world. We delve into some info on it and discuss various games, including how it could be used in games like Slay The Spire.

Oh yes, they spelled my name wrong! It’s Goldberg!

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