Why send us your game?

The Strategy Informer specializes in the niche of strategy and strategy adjacent games. We have curated our following to be very targeted and very active to both gamers and developers in the space. We do curation and reviews on Steam, PR, and promotion on Twitter and Reddit, and of course the review and previews on the website.

Our mission is to review and bring to light good solid games in the genres we cover promoting indie and major strategy gaming to assist in discoverability especially of indie developers.

If we enjoy it,

  • I will post a Stean Curator review.
  • We will write a steam review.
  • In some cases, we will write a web review or preview.
  • I will promote the content we write on Twitter
  • We may create video content.
  • We may promote the content on other social media.
  • I am always glad to provide feedback.

If we do not:

I do not write negative reviews or previews if the game is not enjoyable we will stop playing it. Things are also subjective and sometimes a game is not a suitable match for my tastes. I may just not be the right person for the game.

I would be willing to share feedback on why we did not find it enjoyable.

Early Access and Pre-Release Vs Full Release

Generally (there are some exceptions) we do not give a complete recommendation or score to a game in Early Access or Alpha/Beta. I do not think it is fair to rate a game when it is not complete. Instead, we opt to go with a more informative approach and provide a preview and explain what the game is, what it is trying to accomplish, what is looking good, and what hurdles it has in its path.

Due to the number of games, we process it is going to be impossible to guarantee time frames on website reviews and previews. The curator and steam reviews are much easier to produce and usually will happen faster than the website articles.

We also get involved in beta, alpha, playtest and design testing on a pre-release or early access level.

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