• ArticlesPicks: Lunar New Year Sale

    Picks: Lunar New Year Sale

    I love Steam sales. I mean who doesn’t its like Christmas multiple times a year. On the 11th steam kicked off their annual sale for the Lunar New Year and we have some great deals on strategy and strategy-related games. Before I get into it, I wanted to take a…

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  • ReviewsShards Of Infinity Review

    Shards Of Infinity Review

    Very good boardgame port that takes its cues from the beloved Dominion style of deck builders with a community pool of cards but using the Ascension formula for how this is implemented creates a very take that style of gameplay. Fast-paced and easy to pick up. 

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  • ArticlesFive Free To Play Games To Check Out

    Five Free To Play Games To Check Out

    Fast Five is where I in short form tell you about 5 things in a topic that are worth playing. Today we are going to look at 5 free to play games. I specifically am staying away from card-based games as I want to do that next. Our previous Fast…

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  • Articles5 Demo's You Should Check Out

    5 Demo’s You Should Check Out

    Fast Five is a new article feature thing that I am doing. Taking inspiration from Follow Friday on Twitter, today I decided to do a little amplification of things I find that are interesting and worthy of your attention. There is no denying that demos have become a larger factor…

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  • ReviewsCard Hog Review

    Card Hog Review

    While Card Hog is in Early Access it’s very playable with lots of features. I usually do not give a full review for Early Access games but this is already fully featured and SnoutUp keeps on adding more. I will edit the review as needed when new major features are…

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