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Since time is an issue as I am one one person at the moment, I am going to focus on games I enjoy. So do not expect to find reviews of games that do not achieve a score of 7 or better. I just will not cover them. This policy may change in the future.

I normally do not review a game in early access. I will do a preview. There are exceptions to this rule where the game is fairly feature complete but has extended early access. (Think Project Zomboid, Universim and Imagine Earth)

If a key was provided for review purposes it will be stated in the review.

Ratings and Meanings we rate from 7.0 – 10 in increments of .1.

We rate the games of 4 criteria:

The final grading

7: A good game that most likely should be purchased on discount.
8: A Solid addition to your gaming library
9: Excellent game that a fan of the genre should most certainly buy
10: A masterpiece, something that might be on game of the year lists. Genre defining.

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