[Closed] Tropico 4 + All DLC – Complete Edition Giveaway

I’ve said it once and I will say it again, out of all the modern Tropico games. (4 – 5 – 6) I am a fan of them in the order of release. It’s not fair to compare 6 as it is certainly not as content complete as the others. But 4 has the best sound and the best voiceovers and the best feature set and stories at least in my opinion. This week we are going to give away the whole thing.

Some rules/notes here:

I will not approve twitter giveaway only accounts
I will validate all entries and remove them as necessary.
If you choose to follow the curator option, you must upload an image showing that you have done so for proof. Otherwise, you will not gain credit for that action.
You must validate your email address as that is how we contact you if you win.

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